Internet Services


We can help you get a website up and running to advertise your organization or business, or to sell products online. We can sort out everything from registering the name, to designing and hosting the website.


When you buy a domain name for a website, it comes with email addresses. We can set up our email server to receive any emails that comes to your domain. These can either be stored by us ready for you to collect, or automatically forwarded on to your main email account if you have one.

Domain Registration

Each website has a main address known as the domain name. For example, this website is part of the "" domain. These names have to be registered with the relevant authority for a small fee every year or two.


eCommerce has become an internet buzzword: it just means the ability to sell things and receive payments by credit card over the internet. We can help you build an online shopping website or even just a simple donations button.

The simple option is to get a PayPal account. These have no setup cost but take a percentage of each transaction. They also require your customers to set up a PayPal account as well. This would be suitable for small organizations who just want a single donations button for example.

For larger companies a proper Internet Merchant Account would be better. This has to be set up with a bank and usually the per-transaction cost is less but the initial setup cost is more expensive. The shopping website redirects to the bank's secure website for input and verification of the credit card numbers.

Desktop support

With more people constantly connected to the internet, there is more scope for malicious programs such as computer viruses to hijack your PC. We can provide advice on cleaning up your PC and keeping it free of unwanted problems using firewalls, virus scanners and spam filters. We have experience of all versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux.


This is a free replacement for Microsoft Windows. Although it's not yet common on desktop computers, it is often used behind the scenes for email servers, web servers, etc. Windows can be expensive to licence, and has a record of security problems.

Linux is completely free and has a reputation for stability and security. If you run a small business we can offer advice on migrating some or all of your computers to use Linux. We can also provide support for existing Linux installations.


With all our webhosting you can have a MySQL database. MySQL is a lightweight database management system that is useful for websites that need to provide dynamic information.

We can also help with analysis, design and administration of enterprise-level databases such as SQL Server and PostgreSQL


If you have several computers, for example in a small office environment it is advantageous to network them together so you can share files and printers or an internet connection. We can help you set up a small home or office network.